Learning Labs

UMCST hosts four annual labs for new recruits and the public with other labs being actively developed. Though new members are welcome at any time, the labs are the best way to get introduced to what we do and gain some real-world cybersecurity skills so get involved as early as you can! We plan on re-running many, if not all of the labs at least once during the fall semester and plan to have hosting available for members who would either like to get some more practice or join at such a time where we are unable to hold an official lab. It's never a bad time to join the team and develop your skills in cybersecurity! Be sure to join our Discord and add our calendar to your own to keep up to date with lab times and locations.

Lab 1: Network Reconnaissance

Linux banner

In the Network Reconnaissance Lab, you'll get your first exposure to Linux and the tools it offers. You'll learn how to scan and analyze a network and the hosts inside of it, finding potential vulnerabilities or points of attack. Then you'll learn how to snoop on network traffic, analyzing packets traveling over the network and discovering more about potential targets.

Lab 2: Linux Security

Linux banner

In the Linux Security Lab, you'll learn the ins and outs of Linux, the open-source family of operating systems. During this lab, you'll learn the essential commands for interacting with the command line, perform forensics on your machine in search of malicious processes, all while coming under fire from some existing members who will be trying to hack into your computer.

Lab 3: Networking

Networking banner

In the Networking Lab, you'll get hands on with all kinds of networking hardware and personally configure them to create your own personal network. Throughout, you'll get to learn some of the lower-level details of how a network works and use this knowledge to get everything working. This will be fully hands on and is our only hardware-specific lab, so this isn't one that you'll want to miss!

Lab 4: Ethical Hacking

Ethical Hacking banner

In the Ethical Hacking Lab, you'll get to learn a bunch of techniques used by "white-hat hackers", hackers contracted by companies who aim to expose the vulnerabilities of all kinds of infrastructure, whether that be websites, network infrastructure, etc. Here, you'll be given a highly insecure website and given the task to discover as many flags as possible using a variety of techniques. See what score you can achieve before time runs out!