Learning Labs

UMCST hosts four annual labs for new recruits and the public. Though new members are welcome at any time, the labs are the best way to get introduced to what we do, and gain some real-world cybersecurity skills. Be sure to join our Discord to be aware of lab dates!

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Lab 1: Network Reconnaissance

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Learn how to think about a computer network from the perspective of a security professional - or a hacker. Try scanning a network and snooping on network traffic to learn more about potential targets.

Lab 2: Linux Security

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Experience the ins and outs of Linux, the open-source family of operating systems. Expect to spend time learning the command line, doing forensics, and most importantly, expect to get hacked!

Lab 3: Networking

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Do your best to interface two network devices so that they may communicate with each other. This lab will use network simulation software. Join us and learn something new!

Lab 4: Ethical Hacking

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Explore the tools and methods used by ethical "white-hat hackers" who aim to expose vulnerabilities before they become a public threat. Use web-based tools to expose a variety of vulnerabilities. See what you can find before time runs out!